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Boy Meets World - 2dozenowies - Bruise - You are SO hittin' that!

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March 11th, 2007

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07:59 am - Boy Meets World - 2dozenowies - Bruise
1. Allergic Reaction 2. Amputation 3. Broken Bone 4. Bruises
5. Cancer 6. Cold/flu/fever 7. Concussion 8. Crushing Injury
9. Drowning 10. Electric Shock 11. Frostbite/hypothermia 12. Heat exhaustion/stroke
13. Infection 14. Minor annoyances - papercut, hangnail,
stubbed toe, motion sickness
15. Neurological disorder - epilepsy, spinal cord
damage, stroke, migraines,
clinical depression...
16. Puncture/Laceration - bullet wounds,
stabbing, impalement
17. Psychological trauma 18. Sensory loss/impairment 19. Skin disorders - boils, pox, rash, poison ivy... 20. Sleep disorders - sleep dep, narcolepsy,
jet lag, snoring
21. Sprained or Strained muscle 22. Surgery (routine) - tonsils, appendix,
plastic surgery
23. Writer's Choice 24. Writer's Choice

Title: Untitled
Author: Carol
Pairing: Eric/Jack
Rating: PG
Summary: There's more to Eric than many perceive.
Notes: This was inspired by 32 Flavors by Ani Difranco. It was written while waiting to have my big accepted by 2dozenowies.

There were many things that people didn’t see in Eric. Of course, no one ever really tried. They always saw him as a simpleton and as some silly child in a man’s body. They never really considered what else was in there. Eric pitied these people because they obviously were willing to go with only preconceived notions instead of thinking.

The people that would challenge him were by far the most annoying. They seemed to often crawl out of the woodwork. They targeted anything from how he was supposedly too stupid to get into school to his sexuality and his choice of partner. He remembered a man who once tried to beat him when Jack and he were trying to walk home from the pub down the street from where they lived. He figured Jack was the only reason he didn’t go home in a body bag or end up in the hospital. He often didn’t look like much to people but that boy could pack a punch.

Even with Jack’s help poor Eric still managed to get a bruised and bloodied mouth as well as a black eye. His jaw hurt for the next few days but when his boyfriend was cleaning up his wounds he couldn’t help but think how beautiful his eyes were and how cute he was because as he concentrated more and more Jack began to stick the tip of his tongue out the corner of his mouth.

After his bloodied mouth was cleaned up, Jack retrieved some aspirin and a glass of water. While Eric dutifully drank down his pills and water he kept thinking about how he wouldn’t mind keeping the other around for a long time. Fifty, sixty years seemed sufficient.

For now.

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