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Boy Meets World - 2dozenowies - Psychological Trauma - You are SO hittin' that!

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March 11th, 2007

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11:01 pm - Boy Meets World - 2dozenowies - Psychological Trauma
1. Allergic Reaction 2. Amputation 3. Broken Bone 4. Bruises
5. Cancer 6. Cold/flu/fever 7. Concussion 8. Crushing Injury
9. Drowning 10. Electric Shock 11. Frostbite/hypothermia 12. Heat exhaustion/stroke
13. Infection 14. Minor annoyances - papercut, hangnail,
stubbed toe, motion sickness
15. Neurological disorder - epilepsy, spinal cord
damage, stroke, migraines,
clinical depression...
16. Puncture/Laceration - bullet wounds,
stabbing, impalement
17. Psychological trauma 18. Sensory loss/impairment 19. Skin disorders - boils, pox, rash, poison ivy... 20. Sleep disorders - sleep dep, narcolepsy,
jet lag, snoring
21. Sprained or Strained muscle 22. Surgery (routine) - tonsils, appendix,
plastic surgery
23. Writer's Choice 24. Writer's Choice

Title: More
Author: Carol
Pairing: Cory/Shawn, Cory/Topanga
Rating: PG-13ish?
Summary: Remembrance.
Warnings: Character death.
Notes: This was written for 2dozenowies.

Cory could never really remember when Mr. Feeny’s wife died. He remembered hearing about the day from his parents after the episode at the cabin and a certain reading of a certain personal book. But never could he remember the day.

He vaguely remembered rainy days where Mrs. Feeny would babysit him while his parents worked odd hours. The memories were fragmented--pieces of a faded and mistreated puzzle.

He figured, however, that it must have felt like it did when he lost Topanga. It was such a clichéd death: A drunk driving accident. And, ironically, it was the start of the strange relationship that he and Shawn now shared.

At first they were just drunken interludes to help ease the pain and loneliness but over time the morphed into more. If he wanted to place a name on the emotion, it would definitely be love.

The first time happened about a week after the funeral. Cory, ever exceptional at flying apart, did so in a spectacle that scared even his parents who then begged Shawn to stay with their youngest son. The other boy would never have said no. This was his Cory. Cory’s parents were as good as his and one should never disobey a reasonable request from one’s parents.

The first kisses were sloppy and overheated. Each man felt as if they were being incinerated by each kiss, nip and lick. The morning left both of them questioning what happened as well as where it left them.

All Cory and Shawn knew was that they both wanted more.

Words: 261

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